Fraunhofer-Institutes and Research Units

What are the Fraunhofer-Institutes and Research Units?

Abbr.Institutes/Research UnitsLocation
AISECFraunhofer Institut for Applied and Integrated SecurityMunich/Garching
EMFTFraunhofer Institut for Microsystems and Solid State Technologies Munich
EMIFraunhofer Institut for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-InstitutFreiburg
ENASFraunhofer Institut for Electronic Nano SystemsChemnitz
FEPFraunhofer Institut for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma TechnologyDresden
FHRFraunhofer Institut for High Frequency Physics and Radar TechniquesWachtberg
FITFraunhofer Institut for Applied Information TechnologySankt Augustin
FKIEFraunhofer Institut for Communication, Information Processing and ErgonomicsWachtberg
FOKUSFraunhofer Institut for Open Communication SystemsBerlin
HHIFraunhofer Institut for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-InstitutBerlin
IAFFraunhofer Institut for Applied Solid State PhysicsFreiburg
IAISFraunhofer Institut for Intelligent Analysis and Information SystemsSankt Augustin
IAOFraunhofer Institut for Industrial EngineeringStuttgart
IAPFraunhofer Institut for Applied Polymer ResearchPotsdam
IAPTFraunhofer Institut for Additive Manufacturing Technologies IAPTHamburg
IBMTFraunhofer Institut for Biomedical EngineeringSulzbach
IBMTFraunhofer Institut for Building PhysicsStuttgart
IBPFraunhofer Institut for Building PhysicsHolzkirchen
ICTFraunhofer Institut for Chemical TechnologyPfinztal
IDMTFraunhofer Institut for Digital Media TechnologyIlmenau
IEEFraunhofer Institut for Energy Economics and Energy System TechnologyKassel
IEGFraunhofer Institut for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal SystemsBochum
IEGFraunhofer Institut for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal SystemsCottbus
IEMFraunhofer Institut for Mechatronic Systems DesignPaderborn
IESEFraunhofer Institut for Experimental Software EngineeringKaiserslautern
IFAMFraunhofer Institut for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced MaterialsBremen
IFFFraunhofer Institut for Factory Operation and AutomationMagedeburg
IGBFraunhofer Institut for Interfacial Engineering and BiotechnologyStuttgart
IGCVFraunhofer Institut for Casting, Composite and Processing Technology Augsburg
IGDFraunhofer Institut for Computer Graphics ResearchDarmstadt
IGPFraunhofer Institut for Large Structures in Production EngineeringRostock
IISFraunhofer Institut for Integrated CircuitsErlangen
IISBFraunhofer Institut for Integrated Systems and Device TechnologyErlangen
IKSFraunhofer Institut for Cognitive SystemsMunich
IKTSFraunhofer Institut for Ceramic Technologies and SystemsHermsdorf
IKTSFraunhofer Institut for Ceramic Technologies and SystemsDresden
ILTFraunhofer Institut for Laser TechnologyAachen
IMEFraunhofer Institut for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology – Division Applied BiologyAachen
IMEFraunhofer Institut for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology – Division Applied BiologySchmallenberg
IMLFraunhofer Institut for Material Flow and LogisticsDortmund
IMMFraunhofer Institut for Microengineering and MicrosystemsMainz
IMSFraunhofer Institut for Microelectronic Circuits and SystemsDuisburg
IMTEFraunhofer Institut for Individualized and Cell-Based Medical EngineeringLübeck
IMWFraunhofer Institut for International Management and Knowledge EconomyLeipzig
IMWSFraunhofer Institut for Microstructure of Materials and SystemsHalle
INTFraunhofer Institut for Technological Trend AnalysisEuskirchen
IOFFraunhofer Institut for Applied Optics and Precision EngineeringJena
IOSBFraunhofer Institut for Optronics, System Technologies and Image ExploitationKarlsruhe
IOSBFraunhofer Institut for Optronics, System Technologies and Image ExploitationEttlingen
IPAFraunhofer Institut for Manufacturing Engineering and AutomationStuttgart
IPKFraunhofer Institut for Production Systems and Design TechnologyBerlin
IPMFraunhofer Institut for Physical Measurement TechniquesFreiburg
IPMSFraunhofer Institut for Photonic MicrosystemsDresden
IPTFraunhofer Institut for Production TechnologyAachen
IRPFraunhofer Institut for Information Center for Planning and BuildingStuttgart
ISCFraunhofer Institut for Silicate ResearchWürzburg
ISEFraunhofer Institut for Solar Energy SystemsFreiburg
ISIFraunhofer Institut for Systems and Innovation ResearchKarlsruhe
ISITFraunhofer Institut for Silicon TechnologyItzehoe
ISSTFraunhofer Institut for Software and Systems EngineeringDortmund
ISTFraunhofer Institut for Surface Engineering and Thin FilmsBraunschweig
ITEMFraunhofer Institut for Toxicology and Experimental MedicineHanover
ITMPFraunhofer Institut for Translational Medicine and PharmacologyFrankfurt
ITWMFraunhofer Institut for Industrial MathematicsKaiserslautern
IVIFraunhofer Institut for Transportation and Infrastructure SystemsDresden
IVVFraunhofer Institut for Process Engineering and PackagingFreising
IWESFraunhofer Institut for Wind Energy SystemsBremerhaven
IWKSFraunhofer Institut for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKSAlzenau
IWKSFraunhofer Institut for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKSHanau
IWMFraunhofer Institut for Mechanics of MaterialsFreiburg
IWSFraunhofer Institut for Material and Beam TechnologyDresden
IWUFraunhofer Institut for Machine Tools and Forming TechnologyChemnitz
IZFPFraunhofer Institut for Non-Destructive TestingSaarbrücken
IZIFraunhofer Institut for Cell Therapy and ImmunologyLeipzig
IZMFraunhofer Institut for Reliability and MicrointegrationBerlin
LBFFraunhofer Institut for Structural Durability and System ReliabilityDarmstadt
MEVISFraunhofer Institut for Digital MedicineBremen
SCAIFraunhofer Institut for Algorithms and Scientific Computing Sankt Augustin
SITFraunhofer Institut Secure Information TechnologyDarmstadt
UMSICHTFraunhofer Institut for Environmental, Safety and Energy TechnologyOberhausen
WKIFraunhofer Institut for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-InstitutBraunschweig