Ausschreibung Harmonic Loadpull System 2023

Vergabe PR269205-20250-W

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Contracting party and service provider
BuyerOfficial name: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - Einkauf B12
Identification number: DE 129515865
Internet adress (URL):
Postal address: Hansastraße 27c
Postcode / Town: 80686 München
NUTS-3-Code: DE212
Country: Deutschland
Contact point: Einkauf Wissenschaftliche Geräte
Telephone: +49891205-0
Type of contracting authority:

Public company

Main activities of the contracting authority:

General public services

Buyer Profile (URL):
 Leading member: Yes
Central purchasing body awarding public contracts or concluding framework agreements for works, supplies or services intended for other buyers: No
Central purchasing body acquiring supplies and/or services intended for other buyers: No
Legal basisDirective 2014/24/EU
DescriptionInternal identifier: PR269205-20250-W
Title: Harmonic Loadpull System 2023
Description: Harmonic Loadpull System 2023s
Nature of the contract: Supplies
Scope of the procurement  
Main classification (CPV code)  
 CPV Code Main Body: 38341300-0
Information on the place of performanceNUTS-3-Code: DE131
Country: Deutschland
Tendering terms  
Exclusion groundsReason: Proceedings comparable to insolvency (bankruptcy under national law)
Description: ---

Reason: Insolvency (Bankruptcy)
Description: ---

Reason: Corruptibility, granting of advantages and bribery
Description: ---

Reason: Proceedings comparable to insolvency (agreement with creditors)
Description: ---

Reason: Participation in a criminal organisation
Description: ---

Reason: Restrictive agreements
Description: ---

Reason: Breaching of obligations in the fields of environmental law
Description: ---

Reason: Money laundering or terrorist financing
Description: ---

Reason: Fraud or subsidy fraud
Description: ---

Reason: Child labour and other forms of trafficking in human beings
Description: ---

Reason: Insolvency
Description: ---

Reason: Breaching of obligations in the fields of labour law
Description: ---

Reason: Insolvency (administration by an insolvency administrator)
Description: ---

Reason: Deception or undue interference with the procurement procedure
Description: ---

Reason: Conflict of interest
Description: ---

Reason: Distortion of competition due to prior version
Description: ---

Reason: Grave misconduct
Description: ---

Reason: Poor performance of a previous public contract
Description: ---

Reason: Violations of social obligations
Description: ---

Reason: Violations of obligations to pay social security contributions
Description: ---

Reason: Business activities are suspended
Description: ---

Reason: Violations of obligations to pay taxes or dutie
Description: ---

Reason: Formation of terrorist organisations
Description: ---
Cross-border legislation  
ProcedureType of procedure: Open procedure
Additional information  
Procurement information (general)
Tendering process  
Previous notice on this procedure (prior information, ...)  
Conditions of the auctionAn electronic auction is conducted: No
Procurement proceduresFramework agreement: Not applicable
 Information on the dynamic purchasing system: Not applicable
Tendering terms  
Selection criteria  
 Suitability for professional practice
Economic and financial capacity
Technical and professional performance
Further conditions for qualificationRequest of documents: A subsequent claim of documents after the deadline is not excluded

Additional information: See procurement documents
 Reserved contract award
Participation is reserved to sheltered workshops and economic operators aiming at the social and professional integration of disabled or disadvantaged persons: No
VariantsVariants are permitted: No
Regularly recurring services  
 Order for regularly recurring services: No
Tenderers may submit more than one tender: Yes
Requirements for the execution of the orderOrder execution is reserved for certain contractors: No
Electronic invoicing: Yes
Conditions relating to the performance of the contract: In the event that subcontractors are used, they must be named and their suitability is likewise to be substantiated on the basis of the listed documents under "Tendering terms". Furthermore, it must be confirmed that they will be available if the order is placed; their share in the scope of the contractual object must be stated.
RequirementsThe names and professional qualifications of the staff assigned to perform the contract must be given: Not required
Post award processElectronic ordering will be used: No
Electronic payment will be used: No
Organisation receiving tenders  
Information on the submission  
Deadlines I  
 Deadline for receipt of tenders: 18.07.2024 10:00 clock
Binding period  
Submission languageLanguages in which tenders or requests to participate may be submitted: DEU, ENG
Opening of offers  
 Date/time of the offer opening: 19.07.2024 09:00 clock
Submission methodElectronic submission: Yes
Address for submission (URL):
Procurement documentsThe order documents are available free of charge for unrestricted and complete direct access at (URL):
Binding language version of the tender documents: ENG
Ad hoc Communication channel  
Organisation providing additional informationabove mentioned contact point
Deadlines for review proceduresInformation about review deadlines: Applications for review are not permitted if more than 15 calendar days have passed since receipt of notification from the contracting authority that it is unwilling to redress an objection (section 160 (3) sentence 1 no. 4 of the German Competition Act (Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen, GWB)). Additionally, applications for review are not permitted if an award has been made before the public procurement tribunal has informed the contracting authority about the application for review (sections 168 (2) sentence 1 and 169 (1) GWB). Contracts may be awarded 15 calendar days after the tenderer information pursuant to section 134 (1) GWB has been sent. If the information is sent electronically or by fax, the period shall be reduced to ten calendar days (section 134 (2) GWB). The period shall begin on the day after which the contracting authority sends the information; the date of receipt by the tenderer and candidate in question shall be irrelevant. The admissibility of a review application also requires that the applicant notified the contracting authority about the claimed violations of public procurement provisions within ten calendar days of becoming aware of them (section 160 (3) sentence 1 no. 1 GWB). Violations of public procurement provisions which become apparent from the tender notice must be notified to the contracting authority by the end of the time limit for the application or the submission of a tender specified in the notice (section 160 (3) sentence 1 no. 2 GWB). Violations of public procurement provisions which only become apparent from the procurement documents must be notified to the contracting authority by the end of the time limit for the application or the submission of a tender (section 160 (3) sentence 1 no. 3 GWB).
Office for Appeal/Review ProceduresOfficial name: Vergabekammern des Bundes
Identification number: t:022894990
Postal address: Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 16
Postcode / Town: 53113 Bonn
NUTS-3-Code: DEA22
Country: Deutschland
Telephone: +49 228 9499-0
Organisation providing verification informationOfficial name: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.
Identification number: DE 129515865
Internet address: (URL)
Postal address: Hansastraße 27c
Postcode / Town: 80686 München
NUTS-3-Code: DE212
Country: Deutschland
Telephone: +49 89 1205-0
Mediation organisation  
Procurement information (specific)
Tendering process  
Description of the procurementDescription: A harmonic loadpull system for 2 harmonics is required for the characterization of transistors manufactured at the IAF in the frequency range up to 65 GHz. The measuring system must be able to set reflection coefficients of at least 0.8 (at Z0 = 50 Ohm) at the required measuring frequencies
Scope of the procurementThis procurement is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): No
Type of contract awardType of strategic procurement:
Information on the Clean Vehicles DirectiveProcurement falls within the scope of Directive 2009/33/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (Clean Vehicles Directive - CVD): No
Estimated duration  
Extensions and optionsDescription of the options: - Power meter 10 - 65GHz for system calibration
- Fundamental RF input power amplifier
Government Procurement AgreementProcurement is covered by the Public Procurement Agreement: Yes
Use of EU fundsThe procurement is at least partially financed by European Union funds: No
Additional information  
Tendering terms  
Award criteriaQuality criterion
Name: Technical details, Weighting: 65,00

Price, Weighting: 35,00
Electronic catalogElectronic catalog: No