Ausschreibung Test tender with positions / without lots

Vergabe E_999_000099

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Tender number:E_999_000099
1. To tendering requesting authority, tender accepting authority and authority for submitting offers:
Name and address:Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Einkauf und Gerätewirtschaft C2
Hansastraße 27c
80686 München
Internet address:
Tenders or requests to participate must be sent to:
Name and address:  
Internet address:
Awarding authority:See abovementioned contact point(s)
2. Type of Procedure (§ 8 UVgO):
Type of Procedure:Öffentliche Ausschreibung
3. Offers can be submitted:
electronically in text form
4. Access to procurement documents:
Measures to protect confidentiality and information on access to procurement documents (§ 29 Abs. 3 UVgO):  
5. Type and scope and location of the service:
Type of service:Test tender with positions / without lots
Quantity and scope:Options and maintenance contract
Place of performance:Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V.
Hansastraße 27c
80686 München
6. Division into lots:
Lot division:Nein
Offers are possible for:the overall performance

7. Variants are
not accepted
8. Any provisions on the period of execution:
Beginning of the execution period:  
End of the execution period:  
Notes on execution period:  
9. Electronic address at which the procurement documents can be accessed or the name and address of the body issuing the procurement documents or at which they can be viewed. As well as the day by which they can be requested from her:
unter (URL:)
Entity requesting the procurement documents:See abovementioned contact point(s)
Additional information can be obtained fromSee abovementioned contact point(s)
Address where the procurement documents can be consulted:
See abovementioned contact point(s)
10. Expiry of the offer and binding period:
Offers must be submitted until:22.07.2029 24:00
Tender must be valid until:03.09.2029
11. Amount of any guarantee required:
12. Main terms concerning payment:
See tender documents
13. Documents to be submitted with the offer for the applicant?s aptitude test:
1. The following files MUST be printed out, signed and put in a folder. This folder must be named as follows: "E" and must be uploaded as a zip container using the "Import file" button.

- Self-declaration Bank_aaaaaaaaaaa (a = your company name max. 15 characters)
CONTENT: Signed self-declaration bank
- Self-declaration_aaaaaaaaaaa (a = your company name max. 15 characters)
CONTENT: Signed self-declaration for no grounds for exclusion

2. The upload of the "Technical offer" form is only necessary for the scientific equipment area.

The file must be named as follows: "Technical offer_aaaaaaaaaaa" (a = your com-pany name max. 15 characters) and must be uploaded as a PDF using the "Import file" button.

The file "Technical offer_aaaaaaaaaaa" must match the content of the file techn. Details from the specification of services.
14. Criteria for the award of contract:
Lowest priceNo
Most economically advantageous offer in relation to the following criteria:1 Preis (35 %), 2 //Test tender// Techn. Ausführung des Produkts - der DL/tech. product/servic (50 %), 3 //Test tender// Verbindliche Lieferzeit/binding delivery period (15 %)